Gas-free solution!

The advanced Teza MEC spray with micro emulsion technology is a gas-free and odorless solution that offers long-lasting protection from a wide spectrum of crawling insects.

Goodbye cockroaches!

Say goodbye to the unpleasant cockroaches with Teza baits for cockroaches that attract them with the substances and infect them. The infected cockroaches exterminate the entire nest!

Goodbye ants!

To exterminate all types of ants and even the entire colony in few days, use Teza baits for ants.

Even during the day!

Asian tiger mosquito is active day and night! That makes the use of mosquito repellents even more necessary all day long!

Endless “zzzz”!

To relax peacefully without unpleasant flies and mosquitoes, use Teza spray for flying insects. Spraying for 3-8 seconds is enough to exterminate flying insects in a 40 cubic meter area.

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