Asian tiger mosquito!

Asian tiger mosquito is active day and night! That makes the use of mosquito repellents even more necessary all day long!

Read the instructions!

Remember: always read the instructions before you use your insect repellent. You will find them on the back of the packaging.

For all the difficult spots!

TEZA Spray for ants enables you to spray in low and tight spaces while holding the bottle upside down. This makes it easier for you to exterminate ants more efficiently!

Total extermination!

Want to get rid of ants once and for all? Then try Teza Bait for ants. How does the bait work? Ants are attracted by the bait and they consume it. They not only swallow it, they also carry it to their nest to feed their larvae. This achieves the extermination of the entire colony within a few days.

Goodbye cockroaches!

Facing a big cockroach problem? Then try our Teza bait! The traps attract cockroaches under the pretence of feeding them. After they are fed, the cockroaches seek refuge in their original hiding space, where they finally die.

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