For your favourite rugs!

Remember! When you roll up your rug for storage, place one Teza moth paper per square metre and forget all about moths! Lasts up to 6 months.

Forget all about mites!

Remember! Before you pack away your winter woollens, squirt them with NEW Teza Mite Spray, leave them to dry for at least 6 hours, and forget all about mites and moths.

Asian tiger mosquito!

Asian tiger mosquito is active day and night! That makes the use of mosquito repellents even more necessary all day long!

Read the instructions!

Remember: always read the instructions before you use your insect repellent. You will find them on the back of the packaging.

For all the difficult spots!

TEZA Spray for ants enables you to spray in low and tight spaces while holding the bottle upside down. This makes it easier for you to exterminate ants more efficiently!

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